Loving your #carpark = loving the #clothoid :) #architecsfacts

A thesis doer.

P.S.: For more reference: clothoid.

Analog and digital reality linked with LEGO!!

Processing 3 is all about the editor. We’ve just posted the first alpha: processing.org/download/ More: raw.githubusercontent.com/processing/pro… Please test!

One of my very first architecture designs in school. #etsas :)

Karsten Schmidt interview by Étapes.

This is what happens when you let #Apple to create a coding language ¬¬

Image taken from Global Nerdy.

With students like this, to teach is the most rewarding work that anyone can do.

Thanks Teresa for the effort and dedication :) Huge modelling work.

Teresa was student in our Rhino + Vray + PS workshop at @monzon8.

Teachers: @nachetz and me